[Problem] USB-Wireless (RT73)

Hello openSUSE people!

I have a problem with my USB-Wireless (RT73) (Ralink).
I can’t connect to the internet.

The USB-Wireless dook: Jensen Scandinavia AS
[Console] ‘lsusb’ result: #929597 - Pastie](http://pastie.org/929597)
Unplug and plug-in the USB-dook error: #929627 - Pastie](http://pastie.org/929627)

I think it’s a problem with the drivers.
I have tried to use ndiswrapper, but everytime I get the message incorrect driver (or something like that).

Does any of you know, what I have to do, to get this working?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

go here

collectNWData Überblick / Overview | collectNWData.sh

download the diagnostic script; that is overseen by one of the forum members; it will diagnose and offer solutions;

if you cannot fix it yourself from the script;

post the script results here

Wireless - openSUSE Forums

on the wireless forum, as the wireless experts are found on the wireless forum