Problem to put keypass with bluetooth keyboard


Im new with Opensuse and I have a problem with my bluetooth keyboard. When the system starts I can not login because the connection between keyboard and bluetooth is not available. However if I start session with other cordless keyboard and then tried to write with bluetooth keyboard, this works fine.

Someone can help me?


Hello and welcome here.

As we can not look over your shoulder (and more of those problems), we can not know anything from what you have, do or see from our site of the globe.

Please take care of that. At least tell us which version of openSUSE you use.


Sorry. Me version is Opensuse 13.1 and I have a keyboard Logitech MX5000 and laptop Toshiba Portege R700 connected to docking station.
I supose that the problem is that bluetooth needs to start before login screen.

Thanks in advanced