Problem to pair external bluetooth speaker

Hello everybody

I did a fresh install of latest opensuse leap 15 and i’m trying to get bluetooth works with external speakers to stream music from internet (youtube, …)
I’ve an Hp Pavillion x2 10-n105nl (energy star).
Previously with leap 42.3 i was able to stream music with bluetooth using pulseaudio and pavucontrol (that i used to configure A2DP).
But now with leap 15 i cannot start pulseaudio anymore, when a did pulseaudio -D nothin happened and i get: “failed to start daemon”.
I’m not able able to open pavucontrol too.
The bluetooth speaker get connect but after 2-3 sec get disconnect and failed to pair. If I login as root nothing change
Any suggestions?
thanks in Advance

Duplicate posts. Will close this. See the other post at:
problem to pair bluetooth speaker