problem to configure courier-imap and squirrelmail


I’ve just installed opensuse 11.0 on a HP XW6000.

I work in an association and we have several email accounts created but our provider does not support IMAP protocol, only POP3 ans it doesn’t provide us a webmail.
So, each of us has one or several email account configured in Outlook Express

The problem is that we are obliged to configure each machine to have the email.

S, I want to use my OpenSuse installation as an email client from wich each of us could send an email as any email account we have without doing a specific configuration on each machine.

I’ve installed courier-imap + squirrelmail but I can’t find how to configure these applications to get the email that are on our provider server.

Any help would be appreciated


as you download squirrelmail unpack it and READ the install file :wink:
it states that you need to copy all the files to a web accessible place.
and than run the configure file from commandpromt:
sh configure

there you can configure squirrelmail…
good luck, about imap don´t know about courier, i´m using cyrus.