problem tightvnc server on opensuse 11.4 and keyboard mapping


I use opensuse 11.4 with TightVNC Server version 1.3.9.
I use french keyboard mapping (yast configuration).
When I connect with putty via ssh all is ok (keyboard mapping). But when I use tightvnc viewer on windows the mapping is not correct.
I’ve verified many time the configuration of the keyboard in yast (graphical) and desktop options (french mapping). I can’t map correctly. It seem there is no issue with direct attached keyboard.
Another strange behavior is the shift key. I want to use . (need to press shift + and this put a >. But sometime if I press “shift + ,” before then “shift + ;” it works.

I’ve passed long time on google and find no answer yet.

Have you any idea ?

Is there a issue with tightvnc server ?
A bug with tightvnc viewer ? (I’ve tried with realvnc and same results).


Olivier MICHEL


I found the solution.

The Xvnc server provided by openSuse is bugged.
I’ve get the source from tightvnc and build it.
The keyboard is now correct.

I’ve some display bug with kde. Changed for gnome, and now all is ok.