Problem strange behaviour Gimp and LibreOffice


From when I’ve updated OpenSuse to 11.4 version, (as I’ve noticed only) Gimp and LibreOffice behave weirdly if I open image files: suddenly the whole screen goes crazy with random artifacts, and require a Xorg restart.

Xorg logs don’t report anything meaninfgul.
No desktop effects nor compiz running.
Happens either with other WMs such as Gnome, KDE, IceWM, xfce…
Happens both with Gimp 2.6 and Gimp 2.7.
Happens both with ATI-fglrx enabled and ATI-fglrx disabled.
Happens even with standard Xorg driver (the computer’s graphic card is an old Sapphire X550, but up to 11.3 everything worked very well, also compiz).
Repositories and software are all up to date.

I guess maybe there’s some libraries issue?! ::disapointed:

Welcome to the forums. I have had so such problems here and I’ve a fully updated system. I suspect this is hardware rather than an application issue.

It’s weird, as Windows Vista and Ubuntu, for example, are not affected by this trouble.