Problem receiving emails from another server using Postfix + Dovecot

Hi … I’m using opensuse12.3 32-bits and I managed to configure my host using Dovecot + Postfix + Horde for the email MTA+MDA and user apps. I have two servers setup. Server 1 ( the one I’m reffering to ) uses Postfix as it’s MTA agent to transfer outgoing mail to Server 2 In Server 1 Dovecot acts as the MDA agent from which Horde gets all of it’s data. My current setup works only in the following ways:

1- Users in Server 1 can send and receive emails in their own domain ( )
2- Users in Server 1 cand only send emails to Server 2 ( )

The only thing missing is how to configure Postfix in Server 1 to receive emails from Server 2. I had the configuration already working back in Debian 5.0. Installing the new opensuse12.3 I noticed some of the configuration variables had changed …

Any Ideas: ?

P.S: Here are the main Postfix config files Paste
SUSE Paste

SUSE Paste