Problem: patch:fileshareset-124.noarch conflicts with kdebas

For a few days now I’ve been getting this when I run:

# zypper -v up
Problem: patch:fileshareset-124.noarch conflicts with kdebase3-session.x86_64 < 3.5.9-65.2 provided by kdebase4-session-4.1.3-23.2.x86_64                                                                                                   
 Solution 1: Following actions will be done:                                                                          
  downgrade of kdebase4-session-4.1.3-23.2.x86_64 to kdebase4-session-4.0.4-6.1.x86_64                                
  downgrade of PolicyKit-kde-0.2-61.1.x86_64 to PolicyKit-kde-0.0.svn810196-5.1.x86_64                                
  deinstallation of plasmoid-forecast-0.2-2.5.x86_64                                                                  
  downgrade of kdebase4-runtime-4.1.3-63.1.x86_64 to kdebase4-runtime-4.0.4-20.2.i586                                 
  architecture change of kdebase4-runtime-4.1.3-63.1.x86_64 to kdebase4-runtime-4.0.4-20.2.i586                       
  downgrade of kde4-kdm-4.1.3-148.3.x86_64 to kde4-kdm-4.0.4-24.6.x86_64                                              
  downgrade of kdepim4-4.1.3-67.4.x86_64 to kdepim4-4.0.80-9.3.x86_64                                                 
  downgrade of kdegames4-4.1.3-26.4.x86_64 to kdegames4-4.0.4-16.1.x86_64                                             
  downgrade of kdemultimedia4-4.1.3-35.4.x86_64 to kdemultimedia4-4.0.4-15.1.x86_64                                   
  downgrade of kdebase4-workspace-4.1.3-148.3.x86_64 to kdebase4-workspace-4.0.4-24.6.x86_64                          
  downgrade of ktorrent-3.1.5-14.12.x86_64 to                                            
  install (with vendor change)                                                           
    openSUSE Build Service                                                                                            
  downgrade of kdenetwork4-filesharing-4.1.3-43.4.x86_64 to kdenetwork4-filesharing-4.0.4-19.1.x86_64                 
  downgrade of kdepim4-wizards-4.1.3-67.4.x86_64 to kdepim4-wizards-4.0.80-9.3.x86_64                                 
  deinstallation of powerdevil-1.4.1-14.4.x86_64                                                                      
  deinstallation of plasmoid-birthdayreminder-0.8.0-4.26.x86_64                                                       
  downgrade of kdebase4-4.1.3-55.5.x86_64 to kdebase4-4.0.4-18.2.x86_64                                               
  downgrade of kdeartwork4-screensaver-4.1.3-17.27.x86_64 to kdeartwork4-screensaver-4.0.4-14.1.x86_64                
  deinstallation of kde4-plasmoid-weather-0.4-1.114.x86_64                                                            
  deinstallation of kde4-plasmoid-system_status-0.5-2.39.x86_64                                                       
  downgrade of kde4-krdc-4.1.3-43.4.x86_64 to kde4-krdc-4.0.4-19.1.x86_64                                             
  downgrade of kde4-kpat-4.1.3-26.4.x86_64 to kde4-kpat-4.0.4-16.1.x86_64                                             
  downgrade of kde4-korganizer-4.1.3-67.4.x86_64 to kde4-korganizer-4.0.80-9.3.x86_64                                 
  downgrade of kde4-kontact-4.1.3-67.4.x86_64 to kde4-kontact-4.0.80-9.3.x86_64                                       
  downgrade of kde4-konsole-4.1.3-55.5.x86_64 to kde4-konsole-4.0.4-18.2.x86_64                                       
  downgrade of kde4-konqueror-plugins-4.1.3-27.2.x86_64 to kde4-konqueror-plugins-4.0.svn767780-72.1.x86_64           
  downgrade of kde4-konqueror-4.1.3-55.5.x86_64 to kde4-konqueror-4.0.4-18.2.x86_64                                   
  downgrade of kde4-knotes-4.1.3-67.4.x86_64 to kde4-knotes-4.0.80-9.3.x86_64                                         
  downgrade of kde4-knewsticker-4.1.3-43.4.x86_64 to kde4-knewsticker-4.0.4-19.1.x86_64                               
  downgrade of kde4-kmix-4.1.3-35.4.x86_64 to kde4-kmix-4.0.4-15.1.x86_64                                             
  downgrade of kde4-kmines-4.1.3-26.4.x86_64 to kde4-kmines-4.0.4-16.1.x86_64                                         
  downgrade of kde4-kmail-4.1.3-67.4.x86_64 to kde4-kmail-4.0.80-9.3.x86_64                                           
  downgrade of kde4-kmahjongg-4.1.3-26.4.x86_64 to kde4-kmahjongg-4.0.4-16.1.x86_64                                   
  downgrade of kde4-kio_sysinfo-11.0-81.44.x86_64 to kde4-kio_sysinfo-11.0-74.2.x86_64                                
  downgrade of kde4-kio_kamera-4.1.3-54.4.x86_64 to kde4-kio_kamera-4.0.4-14.1.x86_64                                 
  downgrade of kde4-kio_audiocd-4.1.3-35.4.x86_64 to kde4-kio_audiocd-4.0.4-15.1.x86_64                               
  deinstallation of kde4-kgreeter-plugins-4.1.3-148.3.x86_64                                                          
  downgrade of kde4-kgpg-4.1.3-32.3.x86_64 to kde4-kgpg-4.0.4-19.1.x86_64                                             
  downgrade of kde4-kget-4.1.3-43.4.x86_64 to kde4-kget-4.0.4-19.1.x86_64                                             
  downgrade of kde4-kgamma-4.1.3-54.4.x86_64 to kde4-kgamma-4.0.4-14.1.x86_64                                         
  downgrade of kde4-kfind-4.1.3-55.5.x86_64 to kde4-kfind-4.0.4-18.2.x86_64                                           
  downgrade of kde4-keditbookmarks-4.1.3-55.5.x86_64 to kde4-keditbookmarks-4.0.4-18.2.x86_64                         
  downgrade of kde4-kdnssd-4.1.3-43.4.x86_64 to kde4-kdnssd-4.0.4-19.1.x86_64                                         
  downgrade of kde4-kcolorchooser-4.1.3-54.4.x86_64 to kde4-kcolorchooser-4.0.4-14.1.x86_64                           
  downgrade of kde4-kcalc-4.1.3-32.3.x86_64 to kde4-kcalc-4.0.4-19.1.x86_64                                           
  downgrade of kde4-kaddressbook-4.1.3-67.4.x86_64 to kde4-kaddressbook-4.0.80-9.3.x86_64                             
  downgrade of kde4-gwenview-4.1.3-54.4.x86_64 to kde4-gwenview-4.0.4-14.1.x86_64                                     
  downgrade of kde4-dolphin-4.1.3-55.5.x86_64 to kde4-dolphin-4.0.4-18.2.x86_64                                       
  downgrade of kde4-ark-4.1.3-32.3.x86_64 to kde4-ark-4.0.4-19.1.x86_64                                               
  downgrade of kde4-akregator-4.1.3-67.4.x86_64 to kde4-akregator-4.0.80-9.3.x86_64                                   
  deinstallation of kde4-akonadi-4.1.3-67.4.x86_64                                                                    
  deinstallation of powerdevil-lang-1.4.1-14.4.x86_64                                                                 
  downgrade of kdebase4-nsplugin-4.1.3-55.5.x86_64 to kdebase4-nsplugin-4.0.4-18.2.x86_64                             
  deinstallation of kde4-konqueror-plugins-lang-4.1.3-27.2.x86_64                                                     
  downgrade of libakonadi4-4.1.3-2.12.x86_64 to libakonadi4-4.0.72-14.1.x86_64                                        
  downgrade of libkdegames4-4.1.3-26.4.x86_64 to libkdegames4-4.0.4-16.1.x86_64                                       
 Solution 2: do not install patch:fileshareset-124.noarch                                                             

Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/C]:

Is there any way to get this fixed without ruing my KDE 4 Desktop?

# zypper -v lr                                                                       
Verbosity: 1                                                                                      
#  | Alias                                                    | Name                                               | Enabled | Refresh
1  |                 | NVIDIA Repository                                  | Yes     | Yes
2  | repo-oss                                                 | openSUSE-11.0-Oss                                  | Yes     | No
3  | KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.0                     | KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.0               | Yes     | Yes
4  | repo-non-oss                                             | openSUSE-11.0-Non-Oss                              | Yes     | No
5  | KDE4:/Factory:/Extra-Apps/openSUSE_11.0                  | KDE4:/Factory:/Extra-Apps/openSUSE_11.0            | Yes     | Yes
6  |              | Packman Repository                                 | Yes     | Yes
7  | | VideoLan Repository                                | No      | No
8  | KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.0_KDE4_Factory_Desktop       | KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.0_KDE4_Factory_Desktop | Yes     | Yes
9  | repo-debug                                               | openSUSE-11.0-Debug                                | No      | No
10 | KDE:/Qt/openSUSE_11.0                                    | KDE:/Qt/openSUSE_11.0                              | Yes     | Yes
11 | openSUSE-11.0-Updates                                    | openSUSE-11.0-Updates                              | Yes     | Yes
12 | openSUSE-DVD 11.0                                        | openSUSE-DVD 11.0                                  | No      | No

Yes there is just go Yast>Software>Online Update
When Yast throws that error message at you look for then check the Do Not Install option then click Ok. That’s what others are doing including myself. One other thing if you are using the Suseupdater turn it off.

Thanks for the tip. I update from the konsole using ‘zypper up’ and ‘zypper up -t package’. And that does not have any effect in konsole. Neither does ‘zypper al’ [al means add lock]. Hope this gets fixed soon. It’s a bit irritating.

No kidding. It’s annoying when this happens. It used to happen with OpenSuSE 10.2-10.3 all the time there, too.

Someone would approve a package that has dependencies outside the standard repos and then you’re stuck trying to figure out how to get the thing to go away so you can install other critical patches.

This is also causing a nasty error in Suseupdater saying it can’t talk to the daemon. I normally update packages through the System Tray but now I’m going to have to go back to zypper up.

If you also look at this list… that package is dependending on KDE 4.0 when the 4.1 preview was just released on KDE:Factory.

Probably bad timing. That package should be re-released as a new version depending on the 4.1 KDE libs.

This is a known Bug