Problem partitioning hd during installation

I’m trying to install OpenSUSE 11.1 onto my computer which is running vista, but when it asks me how I want to partition the hard drive, it says it can’t resize the vista partition because of fs inconsistencies. Before this, it was saying it couldn’t install because of bad sectors on the hard disk. When I fixed that by running chkdsk /F /R, that problem was replaced by this one. I’ve rebooted and ran chkdsk several times, but it still won’t install. My computer is an HP Pavilion and it says its model number is a6620f. If it matters, vista has been broken for a while (applications won’t play sound and most programs don’t install right).
If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.

If you want to resize the existing partition, which is i think C drive for vista, i would like to suggest to use gparted.
Download it from here, burn it as an image. and boot your computer from it and resize the partition there. It will make the things easy for you.

You may find it easier to resize Vista using Vista before you try again with openSUSE.

As mmarif4u already said: GPARTED is the number one choice - at least for me. I never had ANY problems with it - even under very different circumstances.

I did use Gparted, and resize my vista partition with it without any trouble two weeks ago. And i have too HP Pav dv4. It just took 15-20 minutes to finish up the job.

Sometime back I resized the Vista partition on my Dell Studio 1537 laptop which has a 250GB hard drive.

I learned a bit in the process … and the thread documenting my efforts/thoughts from the start to finish is here: Partitioning a Dell PC Hard-drive for openSUES install ? - openSUSE Forums

I initially reduced Vista using a Vista partitioning tool, but it restricted me to 1/2 of the hard drive size (drive = 250GB, and Vista restricted me to reducing the partition to 123 GB). Vista would not let me reduce the drive size any further if I used a Vista tool.

I then resized Vista down further (from 123GB to 68 GB) using the gparted live CD. I had some hiccups with both Grub (due to fatigue on my part) and Vista boot hiccup after the resizing was done. In essence, after downsizing from 123GB to 68 GB, I had to use the Vista Recovery CD before Vista was happy to boot.

If the thread Partitioning a Dell PC Hard-drive for openSUES install ? - openSUSE Forums appears a bit confusing, its because I was also confused at the time. :slight_smile:

Completely agree with you oldcpu.
The two which i forgot to mention was(which you mentioned above):
1- Vista tool did not allow me to resize the partition to size i want. what you mentioned is exactly i face.
2- Used also recovery CD to recover the vista.
I installed openSUSE then, and later i install the grub while booting from live CD with openSUSE. Because Grub was corrupted in the installation process.