Problem opensuse 13.1 cannot initialize the agpgart module DRM: Fill_in_dev failed

Hello to all,
I have a problem (see subject), I hibernated my system from at least 3/4 days during which I proposed updates to be installed opensuse yesterday after installing phpmyadmin I did a reboot, but I crashed on power, the boot crashes to the desktop where there is the logo of opensuse, priming the recovery mode I encountered this problem:
can not initialize the agpgart module
DRM: failed Fill_in_dev

my first kernel is:

with both doing the same thing

I’m glad this system but if I get stuck so nn and reliable, we have to work and I should restore the first possible …
I hope for your help.

My system is this:
Opensuse 13.1 kde +
Santec x85 (clevo)
Intel i7 4800mq
Nvidia geforce gtx 850m
Ocz vertex SSD 480GB