Problem - Openoffice file menu activates itself!

Hi all,

I am using OpenSuse 11 with KDE 3.5.9 and Openoffice 2.4.0 on a HP Compaq dc5750 microtower.

When I type characters in either write or calc, after a short while (seconds), the focus switches to the filemenu. This is driving me nuts as I have to click on the document every time to switch the focus back.

Thought this might be a keyboard problem, but tried different models (I have a HP KB-0316) with no luck.

Any help welcome.

are you running desktop effects like Compiz?

Hi there,

No Compiz effects, not even KDE menu effects.

Hi all,

Just a little extra info:

I have used this hardware with Opensuse 10.2 and 10.3 and no issues with Openoffice in those releases.


any chance of a screen shot?

I think your best bet would be to download the iso again and burn another copy ( you could also burn another copy of the iso you did download and try again. Make sure you burn at a slower speed. I think the dvd is funky in the burn, and it is bad, and by a fluke of bad bits it still checks out ok. it is an unlikely occurence, but not impossible.

Many thanks for all the comments so far. I have a screenshot, but it doesn’t look very informative. It just shows a spreadsheet with the file menu open. A silly question: how do I upload the screenshot?

With regards to downloading the iso again, I may do that if everything else fails. It would explain why nobody else has this problem, considering how annoying it is.

I shall investigate further. In the meantime any further comments are welcome.


I think your best bet would be to download the iso again
I can’t understand that comment.

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[QUOTE=caf4926;1866851]I can’t understand that comment.

I think he means for me to download the Opensuse installation dvd again.

I have uploaded the screenshot with some comments:

Incidently the problem also occurs in Openoffice draw.

There is no need to download the suse dvd again. This issue is nothing to do with the install dvd.

There was a thread here:Open Office Writer Causes KDE Display to Malfunction - openSUSE Forums
but not the same problem I think

I would try deleting OO. And the hidden .ooo2 folder in /home/user/.

There is always koffice too

As far as I can see the problem doesn’t seem to appear with the Xfce desktop on the same installation, so it looks like its related to KDE.

I will investigate further and shall post it here if I come to any conclusion.

In the meantime many thanks for all the comments.


I upgraded OO from buildservice to version 2.4.1 and deleted the .ooo2 folder. Doesn’t seem to help the problem.

Last note:
I do have Opensuse 11.0 and OO running on a different machine without any problem.


Found the cause!

It didn’t just happen in openoffice but other applications as well. Was driving me nuts.

Turns out Totem was the culprit, which I use to listen to radio streams in the background.

Please read below:
Continuous alt key - Ubuntu Forums

Many thanks for all the comments. :slight_smile: