problem on startup


I have installed the 11.1 version and it was working normaly on my PC. although when i boot my pc, i am having the green splash screen as usual, but after that it stops showing me a black screen with all the startup information and at the end there is something like this

after that, it stucks right there and i dont know how to enter in the system and see my desktop as usual!
I ve already tried to repair my system from the dvd installation, where i get a msg that there is an error on my startup. when i click REPAIR, it seems that its repairing the boot information but when i restart my PC i arrive at the same level as before:

Help me please!

it seems that you got into the console startup, because of some error with your graphical interface … whenever that happens to me, i do the following steps:

  1. login with your user name
  2. provide password
  3. switch to superuser by typing ‘su’
  4. type your root password
  5. type ‘cd’
  6. type '/usr/sbin/sax2
  7. type ‘exit’ after the console program ran
  8. press ‘ctrl+alt+del’ to reboot
    should launch back into gui mode …

You seem a little unsure as to what you get at black screen

try login by entering your user name - then hit enter
it should as for your password - enter it - then hit enter

then type
startx -and hit enter

Thanx guys! :slight_smile: