Problem of press Firefox through removed cups in SUSE 11

Axis SUSE 11.0/gnome (standard installation with addition of packages mc, wine and thunderbird).Firefox 3.0.1 (on a default to be put 3.0.0 beta, with it a problem too). Is remote cups a server (on other wheelbarrows with SUSE 10.3 normally works).В Firefox you press the press and the button to “print” it is not active. Tried to customise the printer on the wheelbarrow already through native Cups, normally works, the button is active, but the variant with remote cups.Ставил other browser, also the button is necessary is not active. The access problem to cups to a server too passes, since before stood SUSE 10.3 and all normally printed. And in OpenOffice these printers normally print. Who can met a similar problem?