Problem of installing software (BEGINER)

I have 2 big problem One of them is that i installed offline via yast2 gnugo and the glgo as front-end. the dependenciens seems ok but there is no shotcut not in kde neither in knome menu. How i know where is installed and how to run from Console

The second problem (I don’t want to make another Thread) is the DVD. I installed the dvdnav dvdread4 dvdplay (without libdvdcss2)
That shoud be enough to play non protected dvd

You need libdvdcss
Can’t you get online?

i tried but the libdvdcss2 is only on video lan VLC repo but only as source. they said and the packman s too that in theyr country is illegal and so on
when i do the make command its says didnot find automake. i am sure is installed.
Thats why i download only rpm
With libdvdcss from official repo dosen t work

And with Go remains to play on Knoppix:)) till i find a solution ****

open a terminal and type

zypper lr

post here
you need to be using Yast to install with software management

i do install with yast but does not appear in the menu and i do not know how to run it from konsole or to search if is installed corectly


open a konsole terminal and type

zypper lr

paste result here

Ok - idiots guide

Multimedia - click gnome or kde (which ever you use)

1-click-collection - openSUSE-Community


Restricted Formats/11.0 - openSUSE-Community

I succeded like the old days configure make make install or rpmbuild (was a case) the Konsole is god thats why i love linux. Now i have dvd work with xine (i have a problem with totem but dosent matter
GNUGo dosent make link at installation but its work anyway in konsole
Thank you for answer everybody