Problem of font size

Dear all:

I am an opensuse 11 KDE4 user. KDE4 is good~ however, I encountered a problem about the font.
When I change the system font via [configure desktop] -> appearance -> font, the fonts of KDE4 and GTK programs will be changed.
But the fonts of KDE3 programs did not be changed.
How can I change the fonts of KDE3 programs.

Best regards.

KDE3 is seperated from KDE4 and has it own config files. To change use KDE3’s own ‘configure desktop’.

Can you tell me how to run KDE3’s “configure desktop” in KDE4 environment @@" thx~

Nope, just run KDE3.

Maybe use kcontrol
run kcontrol in a terminal
You can do it even if your in kde4

I can not find ‘kcontrol’ or ‘kontrol’ command in KDE4.
Even I try to install it via zypper ~ @@ there seems no package about kontrol in KDE4.

What I meant was to typethe command kcontrol in the terminal.
If it will not show up it means kde 3.xx is not installed or it is missing it.

It is the kde 3.xx control center