Problem mounting Ext4 share

I have a pc with opensuse 12.3 that has an external drive with an ext4 format shared via Samba. The share works fine, and I can write and read without any problems, from windows, other opensuse machines and even cellphones. The problem is that when I mount the share in another opensuse machine, I can only create folders on the root of the drive, I can not create subfolders, or files.
I can work around by creating shortcuts using smb:// and then I can write and read, but it is a pain to do that since some programs don’t give you the option to view network files.

This is the line I am using on my fstab to mount the drive.

// /home/gussy/Monster cifs guest,_netdev   0 0

Please keep in mind that my share has no authentication and it is set to allow guests.