Problem manipulating RPMs in Dolphin in 11.1

If I navigate to an RPM in Konqueror, I can R-click and select to “Open With” → “Install Software”. Same thing if I boot into Gnome in 11.1. BUT if I navigate to an RPM in Dolphin, I cannot manipulate it in any way using a L-click or a R-click. In fact the Dolphin window freezes if I touch an RPM with the mouse pointer.

Has anyone experienced this or have a thought about it?


i went and downloaded an rpm from packman and open up dolphin i right clicked on it got alot of options plus the option to open with software installer also left clicked on it and it wanted to install so it is working on my end running 11.1 with kde4.2

Thanks for that. I’ve now found if I copy it to another folder I can manipulate it OK. But not in the original folder. It’s a puzzle like so many things with KDE4 – but I suppose it will settle down as they improve it, and/or as I become more familiar with it.