Problem loging in to KDE 4.3 RC1

I have an issue with KDE 4.2.95. I have updated from KDE 4.2.3 (which worked perfectly) and the updated went trough.

Then KDM is starting up fine. But after I try to log in, it only starts the first steps in the animated splash screen and then stops doing anything else. After that I can restart KDM from the text console and try again … but nothing changes.

Now, there are two observation.

  1. In .xsession-errors I can see, that kbuildsycoca4 is crashing 4 times, and then obviously everything is over.
  2. If I use a second user account to log in, which was almost never used before (and as such, its configs were almost pristine), I have no problems to go into KDE 4.3 RC1

So, obviously, there is something in my users environment, that stops kbuildsycoca4 working properly (but then again, I didn’t find a log that would help me to narrow down the problem). Do you have any ideas, what are commonly known “potential problems” with kbuildsycoca4?

Thank you for tipps!

Andras Fabian

This is quite often some config in .kde the easiest is to rename and let it recreate the defaults. As for tracking down the culprit you can try renaming lower down in .kde folder and try to find it that way or slowly copy them back.

Hmmm, which one of the folders is KDE 4.3 planning to use? Still the .kde4 or are they transitioning to .kde (as I understood, the .kde4 was only ment to for some time, until users might use KDE3 apps in parallel too)? Or are they even used side by side? I have both of the folder … (had only KDE4.x installed all the time, but maybe some KDE3 apps too).

My apologies afaik it is kde4 wasn’t sure myself think the kde is for 3.5 but not to sure but it’s easier enough to rename back :wink:

OK, thanks :slight_smile: . It would have been my next step to move in-and-out .kde4 folders anyways to see what stops me from starting up.

But I still ask others who might be more experienced with kbuildsycoca4 (I admit, I have never realised it even exists before) to give tipps about possible problems (as I am almost sure, that 99% of my configs etc. are not the problem … but finding the 1% might get hard :slight_smile: )

You can try running it from the command line but I doubt you’ll get some generic help, my understanding from my brief googling is it is building the configs.

And as someone said in a bug report I saw it should just work so it could be a lonely place if you’re going to wait.

Ok, I have found the culprit (it took me about 2 hours of mvoing directories in and out, and restarting KDE),

In my home I had a folder: ~/.local/share/mime

Obviously, there was something in it, that made KDE4.2.95 go ballistic. Now I have renamed it and I can again log in as before and everything looks nice and shiny.

The only question is, what exactly is “~/.local/share/mime” good for, and what might I now be missing (but I suspect, that it is nothing extremely important :slight_smile: ) … and yes, I know what MIME is, just don’t know,what component/application exactly depends or uses this directory.

Well, however, if someone has more thoughts on this, let me know.