problem login

I am a total beginner in Linux.
Today I have installed Linux SUSE 11.2 . At installation, I was asked for user-name and password. I edit this correctly.
At the end of the installation, the system reboots until the mask ‘user name’ and ‘password’ will be displayed. When I edit my user-name and the password the system said, that the login is not correct.
First, I think, I have forgetten my password an do a new installation of Linus SUSE 11.2 . Whatever, the same problem ist still there. What is wrong? Thank you for help.


Possibly capitalization? Cap locks on in one case not the other? Linux is case sensitive. Avoid spaces in both the name and password, it can confuse things. Did you run the media check function in the first install window?

It has you input two passwords when you’re doing the install. One is for the root password and the other is for your username. If you can’t login and your username you could try root. If that works you will be able to change your user password.

By default unless you tell it to use a separate password for root there is only one password used both for the first user and root. Note I think this is a dumb idea. There always should be a different password for root, otherwise we are just sucked into the MS way and opening things up to crackers.