Problem logging in as user on KDE 4.0

I am having problems logging in under my username in KDE 4.o. I have no problem in my KDE 3 session. Nor do I have a problem logging in as root. However, when I try to log i as myself I am always taken back to the login screen after a second. Does anyone have any idea about this. I am assuming there is a profile script of some kind that needs fixing (This was not a problem when I first installed openSUSE 11.0) but I cannot find it.

Before this occurred, I made the switch to the “classic” menu format and was not able to revert to the SUSE version as that option was no longer present when I right-clicked the icon. This is probably a separate problem. but any insights will be helpful.

Check your ~/.xsession-errors log for a possilble reason.