Problem loading media from file explorer to media player in Wine

I installed a media player called Keyframe MP to Wine. It works well but I have to open files from within the player itself via File > Open. I would also like to be able to open files by clicking on them via a file explorer and also when playblasts are generated from Autodesk Maya. Unfortunately in such cases, the media player opens but says it cannot find the file (even though if I open the exact same location from within the media player it works).

I guess this must be a common problem with media players and Wine. The drive Z shortcut to the linux home folder must be confusing it somehow.

Does anybody know how I can solve the issue?

PS: I am aware that there are many other media players for linux. I want to use this one because it has a lot of useful features I use while working on animations.


why play media in wine?
your problem is file naming difference between windows (wine) and Linux, wine wants drive letters C D etc. but they don’t exist in Linux, there is no real way to fix that.

if everything is configured right wine should offer that program as option to open some video files.
if you are running kde, go to kde config in file association find the extension you want to open with Keyframe MP and add wine <keyframemp.exe name>, or start the player from wine and set it as default with in wine, wine should do the needed mime changes, I know cos I use SumatraPDF in wine and kde offers it as an option for pdf files

I am using GNOME, it has an options menu for making changes to default video applications. But Keyframe MP isn’t in the list.

I set it as the default video application for the file manager Konqueror… but when I launch a video from that it just brings up the error message saying it can’t find the media.

Where in Wine can I set it as the default?

Start the app from wine (didn’t wine create a start menu for it) and see it’s settings most applications have an option to set them as the default handler for a particular file type, as I’ve never heard of that media player I have no idea how to set it’s options.
One of wine’s cool features is if you run an installer it will translate the windows lnk files to Linux menu’s if that app has an installer try running the installer (It’s what I do with SumatraPDF and I even get kde menu’s).

Just did a google search it seams keyframe MP is a Qt application and a payware one too lol, well most if not all Qt apps can run natively on Linux you should write at their support site and ask for a Lin binary, still don’t see how it is better running a Qt app.

Another interesting thing is that that app uses ffmpeg, eve if they used the LGPL’ed code (ffmpeg is dual license GPL and LGPL) they’re still violating the LGPL (they didn’t mention using ffmpeg yet you can see the app comes with ffmpeg dll’s avcodec avfilter etc.) I think this application is a good candidate for the wall of shame, maybe the ffmpeg people need to write them an angry letter or shut them down permanently.

I’ll re-read their EULA but from what I saw they are bad people stealing open source code and charging for it.

Sorry my bad they do mention using LGPL-ed version of FFMPEG
they’re not the bad guys I thought they wore.