Problem loading kernel modules in Leap 42.1, upgraded kernel

I’ve installed Leap 42.1 and upgraded my kernel to the latest stable by adding the repo ( and doing a zypper dup -r Kernel:stable.
Uname -r returns 4.3.0-1.g7b374a4-default

Then I’ve installed bumblebee with nvidia drivers following

After running mkinitrd and restarting I get the following errors during boot:

systemd[1]:**Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.**
systemd-modules-load[119]: **Failed to find module 'bbswitch'**

This also happens with opensource driver (not installing nvidia-bumblebee and nvidia-bumblebee-32bit).

If somebody asks why I’ve upgraded the kernel, it’s because of a bug which affects Haswell GPUs that was introduced with version 4.0 of the kernel. 4.3 partially fixes my issues which is why I’d like to stick with it.

My computer specs are:

Dell Inspiron 7537 2013
i7-4500U – HD4400
GT750m 2GB GDDR5
Samsung 830 128gb

Appreciate any help. Thanks!

The bumblebee kmp packages included in Leap 42.1 (or the Bumblebee repo for Leap 42.1) won’t work with kernel 4.3.0, as the kernel module is built for the kernel shipped in the release (4.1.x).

You should be able to use the ones from here though, they are built against Kernel:stable:

That was very quick. It worked, everything seems to be fine now. Thanks!