Problem: Linux won't boot from Ext Drive

Hi All,

I just installed OpenSuse 11 on a 250GB WD External Drive and linux loaded from installation. However, upon restarting, I get “Invalid disk. Reinstall the disk…” when I try to load linux from the boot menu. Fdisk -l gives me:

/dev/sdb1 - 198 GB - free space - FAT32
/dev/sdb2 - 2.01 GB - Linux swap
/dev/sdb3 - 32GB - Linux Native - Ext3

I can get to the linux installation by running “upgrade installation” from the Opensuse DVD. However, trying to boot from the rescue menu says there is no installation found.

I also tried running grub-install on /dev/sdb/ and /dev/sdb1/ but that didn’t change anything.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Where did you install grub to?
The mbr of your first hard drive?

You dont state what OS is on your primary drive, if its a linux system
you can check the contents of /boot/grub/menu.lst

It may an entry thats wrong in in /boot - just a guess as theres no other details

My primary HD has XP installed on it. Upon installation of OpenSuse I selected “boot from root partition” on the usb drive. I installed grub on /dev/sdb3/ today and now I am getting the “grub 17” error. Any suggestions on how to check my configuration and where grub should be installed or how to configure or menu.lst would be much appreciated. Thanks.