Problem: konsole4-part-4.14.3-2.1.x86_64 conflicts with kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE

I got this error today:

Problem: konsole4-part-4.14.3-2.1.x86_64 conflicts with kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE provided by kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE-13.2-6.64.x86_64 Solution 1: deinstallation of kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE-13.2-6.63.x86_64
 Solution 2: keep obsolete konsole4-part-4.14.3-1.1.x86_64

I fixed it by removing konsole4-kpart, which is for profiles etc. for KDE4, if I read the package right. It appears that some detritus from KDE4 is still hanging around, which may cause some package problems in the future.

No, it is not.
It is the actual embedded Konsole for KDE4 aplications like Dolphin or Krusader.

You should rather uninstall kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE instead, that’s useless with Plasma5 anyway and should actually have been removed automatically as it conflicts with plasma5-workspace-branding-openSUSE. You probably have plasma5-workspace-branding-upstream installed instead though, so you might want to switch to get the openSUSE branding.

I went with option 1, but I might uninstall konsole4 later.

The announcement did say that konsole4 and yakuake were removed (if I correctly read that).

No. Konsole has not been removed, it got replaced with the KF5 version a while ago (~2 weeks) already. But you need the KDE4 base konsole4-part for KDE4 applications as mentioned.
And yakuake (KDE4 based, thus needing konsole4-part; there is no released KF5 version yet) is still in the repo as well.

Maybe they got removed from the default patterns or something like that, I don’t know. Might be related to that conflict.

OK, I removed kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE, and I am able to re-install konsole4-part. However, if I try to install plasma5-workspace-branding-openSUSE I get the following:

edward@openSUSE-Tumbleweed:~> sudo zypper in plasma5-workspace-branding-openSUSE                                               Loading repository data...                                                                                              
Reading installed packages...                                                                                              
Resolving package dependencies...                                                                                                                                                                
Problem: plasma5-workspace-branding-upstream-5.3.1-2.1.x86_64 conflicts with namespace:otherproviders(plasma5-workspace-branding) provided by plasma5-workspace-branding-openSUSE-13.2-10.1.x86_64                                                                                                                                       
 Solution 1: Following actions will be done:                                                                            
  deinstallation of plasma5-workspace-branding-upstream-5.3.1-2.1.x86_64                                                
  deinstallation of plasma5-desktop-branding-upstream-5.3.1-1.1.x86_64                                                   
  deinstallation of konsole4-part-4.14.3-2.1.x86_64
 Solution 2: do not install plasma5-workspace-branding-openSUSE-13.2-10.1.x86_64

**Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/c] (c):**

So, it appears there is some kind of dependency by konsole4-part on upstream branding.

Nope – the 6-03 update removed konsole4-part altogether. Which also conflicts with the desktop branding and plasma branding from openSUSE. Had to remove both of those and install upstream branding to keep all dependencies happy.

Nervermind, it wasn’t removed – but it does now conflict with the plasma5 openSUSE branding.

Well, yes and no.
It actually conflicts with kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE.

But plasma5-worskspace-branding-openSUSE provides kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE as well (to replace that package), so it seems zypper wants to remove konsole4-part because of that if you try to install plasma5-workspace-branding-openSUSE.

An oversight, I’ll see that this will be fixed.

PS: The conflict has been removed 2 minutes ago, should not be an issue any more with the next snapshot…

Cool, thank you.

So I’ll just wait till next week and dup will be smooth again.

I updated just now. As wolfi323 foresaw:there was no problem.