Problem installing WebYast and LAMP (OpenSUSE 12.1)

I have just installed OpenSUSE 12.1 with the KDE desktop and I want to get WebYast working so I can remote admin this box using a GUI. But the installer keeps failing.

This is my first Linus install, so excuse any apparent ignorance.

When I try to install WebYast from the Yast installer, it goes through its installation routine and then says “unable to install webyast-registration” and the installer fails.

Is there another GUI remote admin interface I could try?

Also, I have installed LAMP on the box to run a web server, but I can’t see how to run or administer it. There don’t seem to be any icons related to LAMP or its components.

Thanks in advance for any help.

In the other thread someone already posted a link, but here is some info:

  • After installing the LAMP pattern, restart Yast. In Networkservices you will now see a new item: HTTP-server. Configure it
  • For Drupal and Wordpress you’ll need mysql databases. I suggest you install phpMyAdmin to administer these, but first
  • Yast - System - Runlevel editor: set mysql to start
  • open a terminal window and do:

mysqladmin -u root -p "YOURMYSQLROOTPASSWORD"

NB. This is not your root user’s password. It’s an admin password for mysql.

But, like writen in the other thread, please consider renting a cloud VPS.