Problem installing openSuSE 11.1 from ISO image


I’ve been trying to install openSuSE 11.1 from an ISO image located on a NTFS partition to an external USB hard disk and have had a problem when the installer starts.

I’ve already got various Linux installtions on the external USB disk with GRUB on the MBR. As an additional boot parameter to the openSuSE kernel I pass it


to tell it the location of the ISO image.

The kernel boots up and locates the ISO image, it loads the graphical installer all fine. I then select the country and click Next. It then does its checks, this is where the problem begins - for some reason it’s unable to access the source ISO image. My problem is the same as the one described here.

After some trial and error I did find a bit of a hack to allow it to proceed. When the graphical installer started prompting for the country/keyboard, I switched to a terminal window and typed the following:

cp /etc/mtabe /etc/mtab

The /etc/mtabe file has information in about the originally mounted ISO which is lacking from /etc/mtab.

It then detects the repository and the installation proceeds as expected.

Can anyone shed some light on to why this hack is needed?