Problem installing Leap 42.1 without any of KWallet

My wife did a clean install of Leap 42.1 on her desktop computer from a disk that came with Linux Pro Magazine (current month issue). Previously she had been using 13.2 on this desktop and had removed KWallet (because she hates it). :wink: 13.2 functioned just fine without KWallet.

But when she did the clean install of Leap 42.1 it integrated KWallet with a lot of programs. When she went into Yast (Software Management) to remove KWallet, upon rebooting the pooter all she got was a black screen with a flashing cursor in the upper left hand corner of the screen. No desktop; no way to get to a desktop.

So, here’s the question. Is there a way to install Leap 42.1 from this Linux Pro Magazine disk without ANY of KWallet?

Note: she has Leap 42.1 on her laptop installed from a very early download and it works just fine without KWallet. (I can hear you laughing.)

Is there a simple way to use this Linux Pro Magazine disk and not get KWallet or should she just find that download that was successful on her laptop and use it to install on the desktop? She senses that the Linux Pro magazine disk is a more refined and solid version of Leap 42.1 than she got a couple of months ago from, but that’s just a guess.

If there is a way to use this newer disk without KWallet she’d be most appreciative for instructions on how to do it.


You don’t have to actually use kwallet.

If you install 42.1 with Gnome or XFCE as desktop, you can probably use it without kwallet. If you want to use KDE/Plasma 5, then lots of the associated software expects kwallet to be there. But you can install “kwalletmanager5” and use that to disable 'kwallet". Or, when prompted for a password to setup “kwallet”, you can leave it blank (the empty string) and ignore any warnings about that being insecure.

I’ll pass on this information to my wife. I’m almost certain she uses the KDE/Plasma5 desktop. Many thanks for the reply. Keeping our fingers crossed. :good:

Thanks again for your reply, but we’re a bit confused. Kwalletmanager5 is installed, and I think we’ve disabled KWallet. Now when my wife opens KMail another box pops up asking for her password. In the KMail settings we’ve entered the password and ticked the box that is supposed to save it. But still everytime she opens KMail she has to manually type in the password. In the receiving settings tab there is a greyed out notation that the password manager is disabled.

So, could you please explain to us what we’re going wrong. There must be a way to use KMail without having to manually type in her password every time.

Are we asking to be able to do something that is impossible? Are we forced to activate KWallet in order not to have to manually type in the password for KMail?

Thanks. Sorry to ask what is likely a pretty dumb question but we’re just stumped.


Kmail needs a password to connect to the mail server.

In the KMail settings we’ve entered the password and ticked the box that is supposed to save it.

As far as I know, Kmail wants to save that in kwallet, which you have disable.

Are we asking to be able to do something that is impossible? Are we forced to activate KWallet in order not to have to manually type in the password for KMail?

Very likely, though I don’t know the internals of Kmail.

As previously mentioned, you can activate kwallet, but use a blank password it, if you don’t want to deal with a kwallet password. Or you can probably install pam-kwallet (but you would need to add another repo for that). With pam-kwallet, that should use your login password for kwallet and automatically open it on startup.

I’m pretty sure that Kmail in Leap 42.1 is the KDE4 version of Kmail. So you would need the kde4 kwallet for that.

Do you have two user accounts? kwallet is attached to the user

If she had two e-mail accounts in KMail (which she presently does not) which “user” would KWallet attach to? One or both?

I don’t understand when you say KWallet is attached to the user but you ask if she has two user accounts.

Please clarify. It sounds as if you’re pointing me to a solution but the road sign is somewhat obscured. :slight_smile:


The kwallet password is attached to the user account for login to the KDE session. If there are several mail accounts handled by kmail, they would all be stored in the same kwallet (of the KDE login user). So only the kdewallet would be needed, except when configuring the mail accounts in kmail.

My point is the the wallets are different for different users (logged in people) so changing one persons wallet does not change the others. It is local to the user. So if you change your settings it does not change hers. You are not changing things globally just per user

It’s her computer. She is the only user. I think she’ll just continue to enter the KMail password manually each time she opens KMail. It seems as if that is what she’ll have to do if she doesn’t want to use KWallet.

On my computer I’m still using SuSE v 13.2, but I use Claws-Mail, not KMail. I have no issues with KWallet. It never pops up for me.


KMail doesn’t support storing passwords in plain text in its config files any more since years.

As already indicated, you can give the wallet an empty password though, it should never popup then and just save the passwords.

You’d need to run kwalletmanager (the KDE4 version, which should actually be installed by default) to activate the KDE4 kwallet (which is used by the KDE4 version of KMail) and change the wallet’s password.

Thanks to everyone for helpful suggestions. I think she has KMail working acceptably. rotfl!