Problem installing Leap 15 on Raspberry

Hi to all,
I tried to install Leap 15 KDE on Raspberry pi 3B Plus. The board recognized the SD card inserted, but on screen appears continously “Timeout poll on interrupt end point”.
I downloaded the image openSUSE-Leap15.0-ARM-KDE-raspberrypi3.aarch64-2018.07.02-Buildlp150.1.1.raw.xz and wrote it on SD using Win32DiskImager.

Someone encountered the same problem?
How can I solve it?

Thank you

Hi to all,
problem solved!

I connected a wireless keyboard and the error message was related to it.
Now everything is working allright (a little bit slowly, but working)


Hi, welcome

Good you got it working ( don’t expect much of the speed, certainly not with KDE - FWIW, I use Leap 15 on several, and the overall speed is OK as long as I use them for services, not for desktop usage. ) and thanks for reporting back.