Problem installing k3b-codecs

I’m trying to install the k3b-codecs package from the Paqckman repository, and I’m having a little problem.

The version of that package is 2.0.2-18.83, and k3b version is 2.0.2-29.1.3; when I try to install it, Yast tells me that in order to install the codecs, I also need to downgrade k3b to the relevant version; I’m wondering if this is really necessary, if this is just a default warning and k3b newer versions will work also with a previous version of the codecs.

What should I do? Keep k3b to the current version or downgrade it?

Downgrade with the vendor change. It is just the compiler count number that is different. The actual version is the same. If you want the codacs take the same version on the main app.

Packman only contains version 2.0.80 for both k3b and k3b-codecs, so it should rather be an upgrade, not a downgrade with only the build number changed.
There is no k3b-codecs-2.0.2-18.83 available any more.
So something seems wrong here.

Can you please post your repo list?

zypper lr -d

Maybe try to run “zypper ref” or enable Auto-Refresh for the Packman repo. You won’t be able to install anything from there otherwise anyway.

There is no k3b-codecs-2.0.2-18.83 available any more.

Well there is such a package.

I think is Out of Date.

Version of k3b-codecs in gwdg is 2.0.2-18.83 from 21.07.2014.
Version of k3b-codecs in halifax is 2.0.80+git20140814.2135-1.1 from 15.08.2014.

Thanks for your answers.

So there are differences between the various Packman mirrors? Which one is best to use?

yes there are discrepancy between different mirrors but I noticed that switching from one mirror to another may create some problems… :slight_smile:

Right. Sorry…

Well, gwdg had problems (power outage) at about the time k3b got updated IIRC.
So maybe that explains the outdated package (and probably some others).
This should fix itself when the package is updated/rebuilt again I suppose.

2.0.80 is not a critical update anyway (actually it is a not-released development version, when they last updated to that in December, they had to revert to 2.0.2 again because of crashes/things not working… But those problems seem to be fixed now :wink: ), so you might install the 2.0.2-18.83 one as well.
As mentioned already, in this case it is not really a downgrade. The package has the same version as the one from the standard repo that you have installed, the (so-called) “revision” number only makes sense when you compare packages from the same repo.
Version of k3b-codecs in halifax is 2.0.80+git20140814.2135-1.1 from 15.08.2014.

I use since years, never had any problems AFAICR…

FYI, the mirror does contain the latest k3b version (2.0.80+git20140814.2135) now, AFAICS.