problem installing gnome 11.1 failed to mount read only ..!


i have not use linx before … and i just want to start useing it instead of windows

going to buy new computer … with 2 OS on it … on of them Win XP ( for games ) and the second would be linux or leopard mac ( which cost too much )

i download the gnome cd and burn it using ashampoo …but when i tried to install it ( after i click on first choice )

nothing happen … after few minutes my laptop restart … and the same hing happen again and again

i clicked Esc

a black screen appears saying

failed to mount read only systemfile

failed to mount root systemfile


the same problem happen in other 3 computers

could you help me — pleas note i have no idea about lunix and how it works -


pleas help me

is there a fix for this bug ?


i solve the problem

and for people who might have the same problem

what you need to do is

download the cd using torrent <— this is much better and faster


burn it with the lowest speed you have … usually x4

and you will be fine … Thanks