Problem installing fslint - no python-gtk

attempting install from openSUSE Software > leap 15.4 > home:liguros > 1 click install> 2.46 which gives fslint.ymp. when executing the ymp, I get from YAST “nothing provides ‘python-gtk >= 2.0’ needed by the to be installed fslint-2.46-lp154.2.1.noarch”. looked hard for python-gtk w/o success.

Your best bet is to contact the owner of the repository - home: repositories are not official, but are set up by individuals building their own packages. You can find the maintainer by looking at the project on

fslint got removed from 95% of all linux distributions as it requires GTK2 and some python2 libs which are not available on secure and up to date distributions anymore.
This package cannot be built or used on modern distributions. The developers abandoned this package as the last release is from 2017 and the bugreport for porting it to modern python/GTK solutions is open since 3 years…

An alternative is czkawka which is available as flatpak