Problem installing Diablo II in OpenSuse 11.4

Hey, I’m extremely new to Linux (~2 weeks) and I just tried to install Diablo II using WIne.

i used the terminal command: ‘wine /media/INSTALL/install.exe’ and I got “Please insert the CD labelled ‘install Disc’” (even though the install disc was in the drive. I even tried the other discs. I tried searching another thread on another forum where a Fedora user had the same problem, which was solved, but it doesn’t work for me for some reason.

Any help at all would be appreciated. Thankyou (:

Have you read the reviews from all versions of Diablo II ?.. some may have tutorials regarding game installation or some hints
WineHQ - Diablo II

Copy the contents of all of the install discs into a single directory on your harddrive and install from there.

Tagless solution should work. It’s a problem with almost all multi-disk games.
It seems like wine isn’t working well with media mount/unmout cycle.