Problem installation!

Hi everybody… i’m italian,so sorry for my english… I have a problem in the installation. I had fedora 13 yesterday,but today i had want change system… So i downloaded openSuse 11.2,and i put the iso file in my usb pen drive. I restarting my system,boot openSuse 11.2…i have the live cd versione,and i try openSuse… So i decided to install openSuse in my hard disk… So a click in the “install”… So i choose the language and the keyboard language,the time,and i go to the partion… I select the suggested partitioning and i read that it will eliminate the logical volume /dev/vg_daniel (my name)/lv_home(4,59 Gb),remotion of the group volume vg_daniel,/dev/sda1(500.00Mb) and eliminate /dev/sda2 (55.40 Gb) and will create the partition swap ,root partition and partition for my home. I select accept,but when star the installation,dispays me an error message : can’t remove logical volume “lv_home”… and this error displays me for the swap and volume vg_daniel… displays when the installation try to eliminate fedora’s partition… help… sorry for my english…

Welcome to openSuse.

Give us a bit of info about your hardware:
disk drive - is it set up as raid?

Boot from the live cd and open a terminal and run:
fdisk -l (Lowercase L)

post the output here.