problem install mydns

Hi all

I have a few questions on installing of mydns on page-5 of Till’s guide: (The Perfect Server - OpenSUSE 11.1 [ISPConfig 3] - Page 5 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials)

cd /tmp
rpm -i mydns*.rpm
rm -f mydns*.rpm

Isnt there an error somewhere here? When i go ahead to:

wget and after downloading and running the following command i get the following error

mail:/tmp # rpm -ivh mydns-ng-1.2.8-5.1.i586.rpm warning: mydns-ng-1.2.8-5.1.i586.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID b1cc2979
error: Failed dependencies:
mydns-ng_binary-1.2.8-5.1 is needed by mydns-ng-1.2.8-5.1.i586
mail:/tmp #

i already search in google and i cannot find mydns-ng_binary-1.2.8-5.1, where can i found it? What should i do?


Might I ask why you are using MyDNS instead of the Tried and Trusted DNS server called BIND?

If you use BIND you can install the YAST DNS server module to mange it. Unless you have thousands of domain/sub-domains that change regulary or have some type of Dynamic DNS setup I wouldn’t recommend using software that integrates MySQL and DNS.

DNS and MySQL databases operate very differently from each other. DNS is not supposed to change that often; due to replication and what not. MySQL is designed to be fast response DB with data that frequently changes or gets added. If you change DNS records too much you roll for damage on DNS record coruption.

i using MyDNS because i want to install ISPConfig in my server. i read in many forum. MyDNS is integrated well with ISPConfig

please give me another good suggestion because i’m new in opensuse

Thx for your answer,

If you are looking to control the services listed then you can do that from YAST. You just have to search in Software Management for the yast modules. … . … Unless you’re are starting a web service of some kind.


I have compile it after getting the source

Browse MyDNS-NG Files on

Put it in /tmp

cd /tmp

tar mydns-

cd mydns-1.2.8



make install

rm -rf /tmp/mydns-1.2.8

rm /tmp/mydns-

I had to do that for another soft but I don’t remember which one.

Hope that help you.