problem in Yast ??

I use OpenSuse11.2 and KDE4
When I want to update On line
I saw this message

Download failed :
Failed to download/repodata/repomd.xml from


  • []Failed to establish connection , cause: Connection refused

and nothing
thanks for all

Disable this repo anyway. You may mix up it’s packages with those of Packman, with unwanted multimedia results.

sorry , but I don’t understand what do you mean !!
What is repo and Packman
sorry again but??

he means: go to yast, software repositories and delete or uncheck the enable box for the videolan repo.

A good repository to add is the packman one, select add, community then packman, it has all the software needed for your multimedia

It would help SIGNIFICANTLY if you spent 15 minutes to learn some basic openSUSE Linux concepts: Concepts - openSUSE

The term “repos” is short for “repository” where an openSUSE “repository” is a file server on the internet containing software packaged for openSUSE, packaged in an “rpm” package. The link I provides explains that.

“Packman” is the name given to a repository with rpms packaged by a group of rpm packagers known as the “Packman” packagers. They have a web site here which lists the many software packages they have packaged for openSUSE: PackMan :: home

Videolan is another repository with software packages packaged for openSUSE, but as noted their packages sometimes cause problems with Packman packaged packages (and visa versa) so its typically best not to install applications from both repositories (with the exception being one should get libdvdcss from Videolan).

Clear as mud?