Problem in some applications with right click

Hi. I have a problem when I press right click in some applications. The borders of the menu displayed are very extrange. Maybe is a problem of drivers but I never have had this problem. Attached a image where you can see the problem. The problem, at the moment, is in Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Gimp. Im in Opensuse 12.3


As clicking with a mouse (and getting some useful respons) is typical a feature of a Graphical User Interface, you should at least tell which Desktop Environment you use.

Second is that you say you “never” had this problem. What does “never” mean here? Did it function to your liking earlier in 12.3 (and then the next question is of course: what did you change)? Or was that in other versions of openSUSE? Or was that in other Linux distributions? Or …?

Thanks. I found the problem. It was QtCurve. Once removed, the problem has gone. But it’s extrange. I will try with Bespin.