Problem in saving the result from the firmware test of opensuse 11.2 DVD

From the start-up manual I know the Firmware Test Starts a BIOS checker that validates ACPI and other parts of your BIOS. I noticed there are 3 failures in the result. (The font size on the screen is too small for me to read.)

I got stuck in trying to save to either of the two choices provided with names I don’t understand. I had to use the three-finger salute to bail me out. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

May be some elaboration about the two choices in saving the firmware test result would help. The three FAILures are: CPU Frequency Scaling Test, HPET configuration Test, and US/2 Memory Hole Test. The first SAVE choice is USB which gives me “No USB keys found. Data not saved.” (A USB stick is there, FAT formatted). The second SAVE choice is Save via SSH which gives me “Destination: host_ip:/target_dir Error: scp command did not succeed.” When one fails the only navigation allowed is to try the other.

Currently I am only interested in providing contingency to Vista OS if that fails for whatever reasons, I am not considering the installation of OpenSUSE on the hard drive. But the firmware test result is something I like to look into, not sure whether they will be relevant when I decide to install OpenSUSE on the hard drive. I have the two Live-CDs sort of working already. I wonder whether this is considered as overstep in the design of OpenSUSE.

What is the hardware?

The kernel used in the Firmware test is quite old already. And as long as the LiveCD works fine on your hardware, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the test result.

Thanks for the asking.

HP Pavilion a1700n (From Belarc)
2.00 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core
2942 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
DVD Drive TSSTcorp TS-H652M

I know my BIOS gave me problem in my post elsewhere Cannot get a Linux Live CD or USB stick working for my Vista HP PC
Cannot get a Linux Live CD or USB stick working for my Vista HP PC
asking whether a bootable USB stick is possible for the 3-year old HP Pavilion a1700n. Then I was trying on Ubuntu and MINT. I am glad OpenSUSE is the better fit.

My OEM’s BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 5.04 was dated 12/15/2006. Even today’s [HP a1700n" bios update] gave me the same HP: Released: 2007-10-09 Version: 5.07 as I have now.

The first Boot Device is still only for Floppy Group, which is not installed as I have none, not Removable Group as mentioned elsewhere for some other models.

The USB sticks I have are the Umation 4 GB Swivel Flash Drives.