problem in oracle virtual box

First hi to all.i installed virtual box one week ago.i downloaded a rpm package named virtualbox-4.0.4-1.2.3.i586.rpm and installed it via yast and i have some problems with problem is i can’t make a guest os in currect screen resolution and i can’t connect any device(flash drives) in virtual box.please help me and take a look at the following image.](

Hi vike4,
I think you might need something called “VirtualBox Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack”.
You can get this from here: Downloads - VirtualBox

Thanks for that link cryszana i can’t understand the guide named Linux host/usb not is in the following link.


please any advanced users read that guide and simplify it for me.

Before diving into that: have you tried to set up USB-connections via the VirtualBox settings at all? Have you installed the extension pack as suggested by cryszana?

yes i downloaded and installed the extension pack.but i can’t connect a usb pendrive or set screen resolution correctly.i found the entry of my sandisk pendrive but can’t connect to it.simply i can’t make usb connections via virtual box connections.

are you a member of vboxusers group?

if we are not a member of a vbox users we can’t start Virtual box.anyway yes i am a member of vboxusers.

And rebooted after adding to group?

And try newest version 4.08.

Yeah i rebooted.hmm i will download the latest version tomorrow.