Problem in installing opensuse gnome


I’m installing opensuse live cd gnome version for the first time. I have made a usb stick by following the tutorial here. But when I try to install it I get stock in the very beginning. The error I get is

Asking for cache data failed


Assuming Drive Cache: 

I have sreached the web and it seems the error is related to the fact that usb stick does not have a cache hence the error. But the solutions offered did not help me.
Can any one give me some insight or solution how I can get rid of this error?

By the way, I have downloaded the latest version of opensuse live cd of gnome version.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Does that mean 13.2? “Latest vesion” is rather relative, calling the number is absolute and will work even when one reads this thread next year :wink:

Hello Henk

Yes, you are right. It is version 13.2. I downloaded it just the other day. Thanks for your attention, anyways.