problem in install xerces in opensuse11.1

I couldnot install Xerces-c-src_2_8_0 in opensuse11.1, when I write command make in terminal but report error.
error: mak[1]: leaving directory
install steps:
export XERCESCROOT=/home/temp/xerces-c-src_2_8_0
cd src/xercesc
./runConfigure -plinux -cgcc -xg++ -minmem -nsocket -tnative -rpthread
“after run up command, report error”
make install

I’m not sure why you need to compile it; xerces is already on my system at /usr/share/java

zypper search xerces

and it looks like Xerces-c is what you want.

zypper install Xerces-c

@john_hudson: There are two versions of Xerces in the repo, one in C and one in Java. vehicle wants the C one.

I need to install xerces-c-src_2_8_0 for SUMO,
SUMO is simulator that befor install SUMO I need to install some package.In install guide wrote that I should install xerces-c-src_2_8_0.

I know nothing about SUMO. Perhaps it really is special that it needs the source and not just the libraries. If you really need the source, you can install the src.rpm which will then be unpacked in /usr/src/packages/SOURCES. That way you can be sure that the source matches the installed libraries. Also make sure you have the compiler (g++?) and make installed to compile it.

I should download src.rpm from
address of SUMO

No need to specially download. In YaST add the source repository for the OSS packages and the src.rpms should be available to install.

thanks for guide me.