Problem in Ethernet

Dear All,

I am having broadband internet connection connected via ethernet…but the problem with my SUSE 11.0 distro is that it can not recognize my ethernet…therefore i can not access internet from suse…can anybody help me out please???


Check NetworkManager first: if it’s not running, type knetworkmanager in a shell window. Does NetworkManager display an ethernet connection at all? If not, start YAST (well, it’s yast2 actually), go to the Hardware section and select Hardware information. After YAST has finished probing your HW, it will list everything it detected; under Network Card you should see your ethernet card; if you don’t, you’re in trouble. Let’s assume you do, which means SuSE has detected your ethernet card: the next step is to configure a connection for the card. Go back into YAST, then Network Devices/Network settings. There should be an eth0 entry listed. If it’s not, you should select Add and follow the prompts (adding an ethernet connection).