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Im trying to update my grub but when my system try to read the bootable pendrive I recive an error that some “DejaVuSans” files are missing. Im using Rufus to install the disk image in my pendrive and before I try to load the image with my system I can see the files there, and after that, the files are gone.

What could be happing?
I can install others distros with the same pendrive using Rufus.

Im using the NET image of Leap 15.3

Ps - Im having this issue with grub after I update my system monday [23/02]: after I reboot the system my grub doesnt show in my BIOS, i can only go to Windowns or use the instalation pendrive to boot my old openSuse distro. Will fix if I reinstall the system?

Ps2 - the PATH to the files “missing” : \boot\x86_64\grub2-efi hemes\openSUSE

Ps3 - I try to download from another mirror, same error

It happens when the boot loader update the NVRAM Entry is enabled sometime.
You can try as su in the terminal:

grub2-install --target=x86_64-efi --no-nvram --removable

It happened to me also in tumbleweed.

You can uncheck the NVRAM Entry in Yast2 when you able to boot normally.

With some systems, this can be due to the “pmbr_boot” flag. With some BIOS, if the “pmbr_boot” flag is set, it will only do traditional MBR booting. However, this does not prevent UEFI booting of a USB device, and then the USB device can boot your system. What you describe seems to possibly fit that.

Search for “pmbr_boot” on google for information on how to check and how to unset this flag.