Problem getting AT&T USB Connect 881 working on OpenSUSE 11

I have OpenSUSE 11 on a MSI Wind. The problem I’m having is with getting an AT&T USB Connect 881 modem working with it.
When I go into YAST and select Hardware I look under USB and see AirCard (/dev/ttyUSB0) listed. When I expand that section it says:
Bus: USB
Class (spec): Serial Controller
Class: Communication Controller
Device identifier: 223318
Device Name: /dev/ttyUSB0
Device Names
Device Numbers
Device: AirCard
Driver: sierra
Under Drivers it has:
Active: Yes
modprobe: Yes
modules (under modules it says modprobe sierra)
Hwcfg Bus: usb
Interface: 128
Kernel Driver: sierra
Model: Sierra Wireless AirCard
Old Unique Key: AEDV.D(gvxkgM099
Parent Unique ID: pBe4.gkSaZmjGyhD
Revision: 0.02
Sysfs ID: /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.1/usb2/2-1/2-1:1:0
Sysfs ID: 2-1:1.0
UDI: /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/usb_devices_1199_685_noserial_if0_serial_usb_0
Unique Key: FKGF.zu_WTPzVMZ6
Vendor Identifier: 201113
Vendor: Sierra Wireless, Inc.
hotplug: usb
modalias: usb:v1199p6856d0002dc00dsc00dp00icFFiscFFipFF

I apologize if I gave more information that necessary but I’m a newbie in general to Linux.
I had the idea that a driver is not included for this AirCard with OpenSUSE but if I’m reading correct it appears there is a driver already in OpenSUSE. Is that correct?

The question though is: How do I actually use this AirCard and connect? I have the KDE desktop and currently use KNetwork Manager to connect using the WiFi connection on this computer. Can i set up the AirCard with KNetworkManager and if so, how do I? Or is there another way I need to connect? Thank you for your help

What software did you use to access the card before or is it new to you. If you do not need any software and it has a network interface, maybe you need to log on to it with a internet browser. If so try to find out what the ip address is and go to " and see if a logon interface becomes available.

I am on ATT and the DSL modem that they supply has this type of interface. The only way to log on to it is to connect it directly to the computer.

Hope that helps.



If that dose not work try using the DSL tool in the YaST control center under devices and see if it picks it up.

menu>computer>YaST (at the top).

Something to try until someone else pops in with a better way.


Thank you for the suggestions.
This is actually an AirCard for cellular connections so I don’t know if the dsl options will work for that but I’ll give that a try. I just got this card a few weeks ago so am just setting it up now for the first time.

Here is the “unsupported” Support page from Sierra Wireless:


With 11.0 I just used the ppp-scripts, following the instructions, and got connected. Problem was the Software Updater did not recognize it as a network connection. Downloading 11.1 right now and hope the issue is resolved. The Sierra page I posted above is quite good. You should download the ppp-scripts and store them on a disk, so if you ever have to install without a connection, you can atleast fire up the 881 and get started.