Problem fomatting spare hdd

hi i have installed suse 11 and i have spare hdd but if i mount it it shows as 8.8gb and it is really 40gb.

i have tried yast/system/partioner and it shows as 40gb but i cant figure out what else to do as i dont want to fubar my new suse install.

Cheers for all you help


If you want to format the spare HDD and if the spare HDD is not involved with Suse running on the original HDD, then go ahead. I suggest a two step process:

  1. delete whatever the Yast partitioner sees on the spare HDD
  2. create a new partition on the spare HDD and format it, all with the Yast partitioner.

thanks for your help but what should i use ext 2/3 or fat etc

Ext3 is excellent.