problem: fbdev & suspend on via chrome9 (hp2133)


i have HP 2133 mini note-pc WXGA 1280*768 2Gb Ram, VIA Chrome9 P4M900

I tried SLED11 & OpenSuse 11.1.
I tried bios version f03\f04\f05.
same result

if i go to suspend and back, i see corrupted image on all console

in xorg.conf SAX auto set driver to fbdev

i know, and i add repo Index of /repositories/X11:/Drivers:/Video/SLE_11/i586

xorg-x11-driver-video-chrome9-5.73.23-8.1.i586.rpm - want dri part of proprietary VIA driver, but i can’t download it… site down :frowning:

via driver (it’s link to unichrome) not support P4M900 et :frowning:

openchrome next…

ps: cross-post from problem: fbdev & suspend on via chrome9 (hp2133) - NOVELL FORUMS