Problem downloading vCard entries to Samsung smartphone (fixed / worked around)

Downloading the PIMS address-book to a Samsung J1-mini failed. It seems KAddressBook wraps lines in the “Notes” field of an address-book entry into a maximum of 76-characters when exporting a .vcf file. Each wrapped line is terminated by line-feed character with a space inserted on the following line, which is reminiscent of the email flowed-format line wrap signalled by a SP-CR-LF sequence. The Samsung (Android?) “contacts” package apparently chokes on the line-wraps. (Intended line-wraps are signalled by "

However this can be fixed by doing a global search-&-replace of the .vcf file in regular-expression mode (e.g. with Kate) where the search term is \x0A\x20 and the replacement term is null.

Does anyone have any insights as to whether this is a KAddressBook problem (lines shouldn’t be wrapped) or a Samsung problem (it doesn’t cope with the line-wraps)?

David L.