Problem. Devede and DVDStyler

Devede. Tell me, please, why I cannot save a project in /mnt/b/tmp_video ?
Mount partition is formatted in ext3.

Exactly the same problem with DVDStyler.

But in DVDStyler I can add it manually instead of using the ‘Choose folder’.
And everything works without problems.
Devede does not allow for such a possibility.

Please, tell me, how to solve this problem? help, please. I know that one year ago, this issue was not …

OS: OpenSuse 12.3, Fedora 18
Possibly, any library linux is guilty?

Choose folder is available Operation
after opening page search for “Choose folder”

I am doing this.
But devede brings me back to the home directory.
It does not work.

A home directory in little space.

Error says that your video size is about 8GB whereas there is only 4GB space on media you are trying to write into.
If you are burning multiple video file. Remove few of the files and retry

You do not understand me.
I very much am sorry for the English.
I have made screencast. Look, I choose mount directory, but devede returns me in a house directory.