problem configuring apache nameserver on suse 12.2

I have suse 12.2 with apache installed. my DNS at network solutions points to my ip address. when i type in into a web page my website is displayed. when i type in my www address into a web browser it wont come up. what settings do i have to change to get my website to show?

I am not sure I understand completely.

When you use localhost/ in your browser on your system you get tthe HTML page serverd.

When you use yourhost.domainname/ in your browser on the same system you do not get it.
In this last case, do you use the browser from the same system as in the first case (which is the system where Apache is also running)?
And when you say “it won’t come up”, you should of course tell what happens instead: error message, time-out??? There is allways something to report and we can not see what you see!

Did you check if your host.domainname resolves to the correct IP address?

Assuming all other settings are correct, the one issue I don’t see is a router. If you have one, port 80 should be forwarded to your server’s IP. To make this easy, you’d better configure your server with a static IP address within your LAN range. Also, you should tell the apache server to listen on the external (your ISP’s) IP address.