Problem coming out of resume


I have a recurring, intermittent issue where my laptop crashes coming out of memory resume.

It crashes at a login screen - not the KDE login screen, a non-gui login.

The system is totally unresponsive - keyboard, mouse, quick touch power button & closing laptop lid all have no effect and the system needs to be hard reset.

This only ever seems to happen when I have a chat program running.

I installed Skype and it crashed about 50% of the time when resuming, so I disabled Skype.

Since then it’s run fine for about two months - not a single crash.

I’ve now enabled Thunderbird with Chat - Facebook & Google Talk, and it crashed again, within 3 resumes.

Laptop is a Lenovo W510, 6Gb RAM, SSD with 6gb free.
Linux 3.11.10-21-desktop
openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (x86_64)
KDE 4.11.5