Problem cloning the hard drive

Here’s what i’m trying to do:
i have a 300GB IDE hard drive that has a OpenSuse build. I am trying to replicate this HD so that i can have another box similar to the original one…my second drive is 500GB SATA.

So far, I just ran a ‘dd’ command to copy the 300GB to 500GB. Now, after having read on internet, i realized i need to change fstab & /boot/grub/menu.lst. specifically, we need to change for ex:/dev/disk/by-id/ata-Maxtor_7L300S0_L60LCJ0G-part1 to /dev/disk/by-id/sda1
i did use a Ubuntu LiveCD to access the fstab and changed the line as mentioned above. Now, how do i change the menu.lst??

right now, when i try booting up from this HD, i have issues. specifically, i get this error message:
could not find /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00

any help is greatly appreciated.

In openSUSE

kwrite /boot/grub/menu.lst


gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

That can be done on a running system, not on one that does not boot, because it’s menu.lst is incorrect.

Boot from the install DVD, let the repair function create a new fstab and bootloader config for you.

i was thinking about the live cd’s, but your saying that menu.lst is not on the system in question?

well, when i boot the system using LiveCD and mount the logical volume, i can access fstab under /etc folder, but there is nothing under /boot/grub/ folder. i think this is because i am booting using a LiveCD. is that right?

if that is the case, is there any way we can ever get this hard drive to boot? as mentioned before, i get an error message and am not able to boot…

on a separate note, i guess if i change the menu.lst and fstab before i run ‘dd’ command, i guess i can get this resolved. but as i’m very new to Linux world, i’m scared that if i change the files on original machine, i may run the risk of not being able to boot it also. can someone let me know how risky is it for me to change those files on the original machine? i just do not want to loose the original box?

please help.

If you boot from live you would need to mount the root partition to access the /boot/grub directory on the hard drive not the virtual one that is made from the CD startup. Same goes for the /etc directory the one you see is the one in a RAM disk made from the CD boot not the onr on the hard drive.

To give you explicit instruction we would need the output from fdisk -l to list the devices.

become root
then the root password (note the password does not show)
fdisk -l

If running from CD I don’t think there is a password so just hit enter
With this someone can tell you how to use the mount command to mount the root partition on the hard drive.

Can you do the repair install from the DVD, this should re-install grub.